EPOS Optimiser

EPOS Optimiser - the process


We developed the EPOS Optimiser to take your products’ EPOS data (that most retailers supply free of charge) and turn it into a goldmine of useful information.


Benefits/ Outputs

Internal Management Reports: How shoppers responds to your products, Determining and comparing Rate of Sale to identify which products are working well, Benchmarking performance, Evaluating promotional effectiveness, Improving forecast accuracy and Delivering increased ROI.


Retailer Reports for your sales team: Performance data that’s tailored to each retailer, in their financial year that tracks the buyer’s performance measures. Presents trended and benchmarked data to highlight strengths and opportunities to increase distribution, improve promotional effectiveness and drive sales.


What we offer

The EPOS Optimiser is a tracking database that’s set up specifically for your business needs and can be tailored as these needs evolve. We can input the data for you, segmenting the data by sub-brands, pack formats, flavours or any other categorisation that you want to measure, benchmarking performance over time with graphical trends.



The tool improves forecast accuracy, saves the sales force time as it provides them with the tools to sell in solutions which in turn results in increased distribution, improved promotional effectiveness, better return on investment


Why Dynamic Reasoning?

We’re not just a data company. Because we’ve have used this type of information ourselves in a former life (working as Account Managers) means we structure the data and analyse it to provide optimum insights so you can derive maximum value from the data you already own.

 “Your reports are fantastic and I am particularly appreciating the retailer reports, the comparisons between each, and the promotional performance aspects. I am happy for you to share my comments.

Good luck and thank you, "


Greg Combs COO & founder of Natural Balance Foods home of tasty, healthy, happy & helpful whole food brands Nakd & Trek

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