Since 2005 we have successfully helped a broad range of Food & Drink businesses transform their ideas into compelling, commercially tangible propositions, driving £sales as a result.

Compelling Presentations

Dynamic Reasoning has been successfully helping food and drink companies to grow their distribution and increase their profits since 2005, and we can help your company to achieve a similar step-change in profitable growth.

How? Because we know what buyers are looking for!

Our team has over 20 years experience selling new products into buyers from all retail channels (from multiple retailers such as Waitrose or Tesco to small chains and also independents). Plus in our independent capacity we have conducted extensive research to qualify buyers’ needs and we use this insight to develop compelling presentations.

Success Criteria

YOUR PRODUCT has to clearly stand out from the crowd.

YOUR PROPOSITION must clearly demonstrate that your product(s) will appeal to more of the buyer’s customers, who will buy more of your product, and hopefully more often than the product it will replace buyers don’t have elastic expandable shelves so you’ll always be replacing something!

At Dynamic Reasoning we can quickly and cost effectively help you to pull together the evidence to show how and why this it the case helping you to achieve your first objective – getting the buyer to STOP and LISTEN and most importantly to seriously consider YOUR PRODUCT and how and why they might stock it on their shelves.

We have a long list of happy clients and are happy to provide references

For quotation to build or enhance your sales presentations please email us at and we will be in touch to discuss your needs and a cost effective solution.

Alternatively if you’d like a quick (and free) assessment of your presentation then you can upload it confidentially & securely via Hightail and we will send you our feedback & check-list of suggested builds within 24 hours or email us at

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