Case Study: Chika's Wholegrain Rice Crisps

Case Study how Chika's secured listings in Waitrose working with Dynamic Reasoning


Brand Background:

Founded by Chika Russell, Chika’s African inspired snacks have a strong sense of purpose, delivering Iyanu* Goodness for consumers whilst supporting world vision, to help the girls of today become the strong women of tomorrow.

With a strong brand personality, authentic and true to their African roots, Chika’s wanted to introduce their innovative wholegrain rice crisps to the grocery multiples to share their tasty snacks with a wider audience.

How we helped:

Healthy snacks is a growing category that’s recently seen a wide variety of brands entering the market, all competing for space in store and trying to secure share of consumers’ spend…

Dynamic Reasoning worked with the team at Chika’s to capture and articulate their commercial proposition, defining what Chika’s wholegrain rice crisps bring to the category, that other brands simply can’t.

Plus, as Chika’s brand is so vibrant and has such a compelling story to tell - we brought this story to life via a short video, embedded into the sales presentation, capturing the brand energy and essence alongside category arguments and evidence.

The Result?

Chika’s secured listings with Waitrose Food To Go, marking the start of a journey into the grocery multiples so more consumers can taste, share and enjoy Iyanu goodness!

"Thanks to Dynamic Reasoning - you helped us get on the track!" Emma Grant, MD Chika's 

* Visit to find out more about the inspirational Chika’s & the origins of Iyanu !