Commercial Marketing Strategy

Category and commercial thinking strengthens consumer strategies 

It may seem obvious but sometimes it's worth reminding ourselves why marketing strategies are so much stronger and more effective if we take a holistic approach and consider the complete purchase decision experience.


Consumers and shoppers are intrinsically linked, in most instances you can't consume unless you've bought first.

And if you buy something, but don't enjoy the consumption experience, you're unlikely to buy again.

So who is more important, the consumer or the shopper?

Similar to the chicken and the egg, intellectually you can't separate the two. The answer is the consumer and shopper are both equally important and need to be considered at the same time, right from the start in any NPD or creative idea generation process.  

Shopper considerations that can influence and shape New Product Development:

  • Shopper mission
  • Channel of distribution
  • Purchase decision hierarchy

How do we help marketing teams?

We combine creative thinking with rigorous methodology and frameworks to be help marketing, brand and category teams to Identify ideas > Evaluate, Prioritise and > Develop these ideas into commercially viable opportunities.

Right from the start, when we established Dynamic Reasoning 15 years ago, our ethos has been to Transform Ideas into Commercial propositions and we have helped many businesses and brands achieve this.  

Examples of previous projects:

Purina marketing strategy case study by Dynamic ReasoningNatural Balance foods case study on consumer insight by Dynamic Reasoning Nestle confectionery NPD case study by Dynamic ReasoningAsda creativity workshops case study by Dynamic ReasoningGlanbia NPD evaluation case study by Dynamic ReasoningO2 NPD idea generation workshops case study by Dynamic Reasoning

Like to know more?

Please email or arrange a call if you'd like to know more about our market strategy, NPD or creative concept evaluation methodology and our frameworks to transform your ideas into compelling commercial propositions.