FMCG Consultancy

Dynamic approach to FMCG consultancy

Consultancy usually solves a problem or develops a strategy for a business.

The thinking behind the strategy or proposition is often developed by the consultancy firm in isolation and then presented back to the business leaving the business team to implement it.... 

We have a different, collaborative approach.


We work with organisations to develop strategies, skills and processes that will continue to benefit the business long after the project is finished.

Collaborative approach to consultancy for food and drink brands by Dynamic Reasoning

Helping FMCG companies with:

  • New Product Launches
  • Brand Portfolio Harmonisation
  • Category Management
  • Channel Strategies
  • Compelling Commercial Propositions
  • Strong Selling Presentations 

We recognise that businesses and projects come in different shapes and sizes so please click on the service that suits your needs:

1) Bespoke ConsultancyProjects and Workshops to develop

Genuinely innovative New Products

Customer facing Category management strategies

Channel strategy and commercial propositions

2) Dynamic Consultancy: Advice by the hour from our experts

Book a date and time to suit you 

To discuss your Sales or Marketing challenge with our experts 

Can be a one to one call or a zoom call with your team or board involved

And there's more:

As well as consultancy, we offer sales training programmes and transformational tools to enable you and your teams to think differently and deliver a competitive advantage for your organisation. 

Plus - we will shortly be launching a series of online workbooks, covering topics such as research, planning and developing stronger proposals so watch this space!