National Account Training

Thoughtful National Account Training

The phrase work smarter, not harder, is familiar to most people and we apply that philosophy to our training courses in national account development.

Traditionally sales training courses have been crammed into a day or two to get everyone's diaries aligned and to cover a huge amount of content.

However, we all know that most people can't really absorb all that information in one go, so many will come away from a course having retained two or three big ideas and promptly forgotten the rest.

With many account management training courses - a few weeks later - the majority of attendees will only be implementing one idea so 5% of the content has landed, the other 95% was wasted.

Dynamic Approach to National Account Training

That's why we have taken a different approach, condensing several days of training for key account managers into bite size morning sessions.

National Account Training by Dynamic Reasoning delivers competitive advantage

Daily training, every morning has several advantages :

  • Everyone can carry on working later that day so business isn't interrupted
  • It gives the brain time to process & make sense of learnings
  • Everyone gets straight into the training, starting the day in a positive way 
  • Ideas start to become habits, which in turn become routine

How our Thoughtful National Account Training works :

  • 3 hours of facilitated training in the morning (Zoom or Teams)
  • Interactive exercises and collaborative sessions via breakouts
  • One homework exercise set for the next day
  • Regroup and action planning at the end of the week

Halfway through every course we've run, sales teams have already started to process the learnings and apply them to their interactions with their buyers that same day, which is a great ROI for any business. 

Feedback from Account Managers who attended our previous courses:

"It was a relaxed atmosphere with open discussions, interesting content and 3 hours per day worked well"

"It was team focused and interactive - it was good to hear about the challenges other account managers face and how we can support each other"

"Really enjoyed the course and the morning session timings worked very well"

Focusing on Building Blocks

Unless you're setting up a sales team completely from scratch the chances are your National Account managers and Execs will have had some training in sales techniques, but this may have been within different organisations or from different providers.

Just think about your team:

  1. How well do they know their buyers?
  2. How much time do they spend planning for each meeting? 
  3. How effective are their meetings and interactions with their buyers?
  4. How often do they exceed their goals and your expectations?

If that's prompted you to think that there may be some inconsistencies in the skill levels across your team, or perhaps to reflect on areas that could be improved and strengthened then have a look through the courses we've developed that are designed to hone core sales skills that are the foundations of best practice.

Benefits for your whole team

Commercial realities and challenges mean many national account teams work in silos, with their heads down focused on managing or trying to develop their own accounts. Training courses are a perfect opportunity to bring the whole team together, however many courses are purely targeted on certain roles or certain skills effectively excluding certain members from taking part. 

At Dynamic Reasoning we recognise the importance and benefits of national account teams working together as a collective.

This is why we developed and have successfully run multi-level courses where NAMs will learn alongside Execs allowing every individual to strengthen their skills and to support each other.

  • This approach encourages ongoing collaboration within the team which ensures that the learning continues long after the sales training has finished.
  • When asked to share the best parts of our sales training courses, previous attendees showed how much they appreciate this opportunity.

Benefits to attendees include: 

"Interacting with my colleagues and learning from them and sharing with them"

"Taking a step back from the day to day, engaging and sharing with colleagues key learnings that in the rush of day to day can get lost"

"Spending time with other account managers and execs and understanding their challenges, along with reminding myself of good practice that has slipped off"

Choose from our range of Courses for National Account Development:

Each of these courses will be personalised to your team and your needs.

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Please get in touch as we would love to help you energise your national account sales team and improve their productivity :)