National Account Training

Thoughtful Sales Training

The phrase work smarter, not harder, is familiar to most people and we like to apply that philosophy to our training courses in national account development.

Traditionally sales training courses have been run over a day (or possibly up to a week) to get everyone's diaries aligned and to cover a huge amount of content.

However, we all know that most people can't really absorb all that information in one go, so many will come away from a course having retained two or three big ideas and promptly forgotten the rest.

With many training courses - a few weeks later - the majority of attendees will only be implementing one idea so 5% of the content has landed, the other 95% was wasted.

Thoughtful sales training for national account managers improves productivity

Dynamic Approach to Sales Training

That's why we have taken a different approach, condensing 5 days of training into bite size training sessions every morning for 1 week.

This has several advantages :

  • Everyone can carry on working later that day so business isn't interrupted
  • It gives the brain time to process & make sense of learnings
  • Everyone gets straight into the training, starting the day in a positive way 
  • Ideas start to become habits, which in turn become routine

 How our Thoughtful National Account Training works :

  • Morning zoom call, facilitated by our trainer
  • Collaboration sessions via zoom breakouts
  • Back together to regroup
  • One homework exercise set for the next day
  • Regroup and action planning at the end of the week

Choose from 3 Sales Training Topics:

Sales training for National Account Managers to prepare better proposalsHow to develop stronger proposals that get better results
National Account Manager sales training in setting stronger objectives
How to craft better objectives to get more out of every meeting 
Sales training to help National Account Managers prepare better presentations
How to prepare presentations buyers will want to listen to 
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