Training in Sales Planning

How well do you know your buyer?

Our Sales Planning training helps build your understanding of your buyer, to walk in their shoes, so you can develop stronger proposals that will get better results.

The more you plan - the easier it is to sell something that someone actually wants to buy. The better you sell - the less you have to negotiate.

Sales training for food and drink brands to develop stronger proposals for better results

Sales Planning course content:

Designed for sales teams to learn together we use a combination of examples and exercises to demonstrate theory, stretch your thinking, giving you the opportunity to put the theory into practice, reflect and embed the new way of working.

Over the course of one week you will learn:

The danger of making assumptions (and why we all do it)
How linear thinking can get in the way of truly effective sales
What it feels like to be a buyer and what buyers want from account managers
How quickly you can increase your understanding of your buyer's objectives and what a difference this will make
How research and planning will increase your sales productivity

How our sales skills training works:

  • 1-2 days of training condensed into bite size sessions, every morning. Monday to Friday for 1 week
  • Every day starts with a morning zoom call, facilitated by our trainer
  • The training includes collaboration sessions via zoom breakouts
  • The day's session finished with everyone back together to reflect
  • One homework exercise set for the next day
  • Regroup and action planning at the end of the week

Benefits of training condensed into bite size sessions:

  • Everyone gets straight into the training, starting the day in a positive way
  • Everyone can carry on working later that day so business isn't interrupted
  • It gives the brain time to process & make sense of learnings 
  • Ideas start to become habits, which in turn become routine

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