Sales Team Productivity Analysis

How effective is your sales team when it comes to setting meeting objectives?

We have created a quick and simple survey that we've used to great effect with many national account teams.

It goes beyond the usual "smart" discussions and provides some valuable insights into how your team operates.

  • The survey only takes 2 minutes to complete and is totally anonymous

  • We'll email you the results for your team the next day

  • Plus we'll send you a discussion guide to spark a team chat on how everyone sets their objectives 

Here's the survey so you can see the questions we ask.

Feel free to complete it yourself !


How to access your Effective Objectives Diagnostic:

  • Request a tailored, confidential survey

  • In 24 hours we'll set up an Objectives Survey page just for your team

  • [The page will be password protected, only your team can access it]

  • We'll email you the results for your team the next day with a tailored discussion guide on how everyone currently sets their objectives for their meetings (and areas they might want to focus on!) 


Alternatively, if you'd like to jump straight to training, just send us an email or schedule a call and we can talk through your team needs. Happy to help!