Sales Sparks

SPARKs is a virtual training programme designed to energise sales teams and develop core skills.

  • Each session is 1.5 hours (facilitated via Zoom or Teams)
  • Covering theory followed by practical exercises via breakouts
  • With take away tools to embed the training and promote continuous learning across your sales team.

Taking insights from our Smarter Consultative Sales Training programme we developed 12 core sales skills topics to choose from.

Choose a single topic that is most relevant for your team and see the benefits for yourself.

Or you can buy a discounted package of training 1/month or 1/quarter depending on your team's needs

Add the training onto your sales meetings or as stand alone event if you prefer.

Choose from 12 core sales skills sessions:

  1. LIGHTBULB MOMENTS - How to solve problems and generate new ideas and opportunities for your account on a daily basis
  2. OPTIMISE OBJECTIVES - How to set stronger objectives to plan and get the most out of every buyer or customer interaction
  3. ACTIVE LISTENING - How to make the most out of every interaction with a buyer or customer via identifying their real needs
  4. VISIONARY THINKING - How to create an account vision that is personally motivating and drives a/c growth
  5. IMPROVE BUYER RELATIONS - How to move from a transactional trading status to a more collaborative buyer relationships
  6. MANAGE STAKEHOLDERS - How to step into the shoes of key stakeholders to ensure your proposal is relevant and compelling
  7. STRENGTHEN PROPOSALS - How to evaluate your proposal and take steps to strengthen it before presenting to buyers
  8. BE MORE CONSULTATIVE - How to develop your account knowledge and become more consultative
  9. IDEA GENERATION - How to be less reliant on data to come up with new ideas and commercially viable opportunities
  10. PROBLEM SOLVING - How to use lateral thinking techniques to solve problems and overcome barriers
  11. TEAM NEURO-DIVERSITY - How to work together as a team to strengthen proposals and grow your accounts
  12. ACT LIKE A CHALLENGER - How to step-change your a/c performance in terms of sales and profitable growth
Short bursts of sales training encourage your account team to collaborate and coach each other, promoting continuous learning and increasing productivity!

    We'll continue to add to our Sparks training to develop core sales skills.

    So if there is a topic you'd like us to cover please just let us know as it may already be in the plan, and if not, we'll work with you to develop it specifically for your team! 

    Use this form to let us know which Sparks training sessions you're most interested in and we'll send you a personalised quote the same day.

    Looking for individual training?

    Our Sparks programme is designed for teams but we also run a selection of training sessions for individual account managers and sales managers who want to boost their skills, covering topics such as problem solving, idea generation, developing stronger proposals and leading effective teams.