Problem Solving Sales Training

Creative Problem Solving for Sales

Creative thinking is the ability to think differently, to look at situations from another perspective, to overcome barriers, unlock and solve problems.

Problem Solving Sales Training for account managers

Creative problem solving is an essential skill for all sales people managing and developing accounts!

Dynamic Reasoning has been training sales teams for over 16 years.

In 2020 we updated the content from our classroom courses to create online, live bite size training sessions.

Our Creative Problem Solving course provides tools and techniques that sales people can use on a daily basis.

This live training is specifically designed for sales.

Suitable for all levels of account managers and sales managers alike.

Creative thinking can provide new ways to solve problems and identify greater opportunities to grow accounts.

Course Content

  • We cover Theory and Creative Thinking techniques for Problem Solving
  • Sharing methods to apply the theory into practice for sales managers
  • Using examples from the trainer's personal experience managing accounts
  • We provide Tools and templates that attendees can take away and use

Online Sales Training Format 

  • 1.5 Hours (90 minutes) Confidential Sales Training
  • Live Zoom webinar (Not a recording)
  • Interactive (Via tools such as Slido, so attendees can participate anonymously)
  • Attendees video cameras will be off, so no screen sharing
  • Attendees will not be able to see other participants' details
  • No publicity screenshots will be taken

"Taking time out to learn new ways to solve problems gave me a fresh perspective and the chance to approach things differently with my buyer. It's working!"

How to Book 

The course will run 1x month, with the option to choose daytime (3-4.30pm) or an evening session (6-7.30pm).

Dates will be published and updated every quarter with ticket sales managed via Eventbrite. 

Next available dates. Click on your preferred time to book.

If you have any questions regarding our Problem Solving Training for sales people then please use this form to let us know any queries you have and we'll happily send you more information. 

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