Since 2005 we have successfully helped a broad range of Food & Drink businesses transform their ideas into compelling, commercially tangible propositions, driving £sales as a result.

Retailer Insight: Walking in Buyers’ shoes

Looking at the supplier-retailer relationship from a different perspective we can help you to to develop a commercial proposition that’s motivating and compelling for a buyer to act upon.

What we offer

We help you to understand what buyers are looking for from suppliers alongside Category and Channel intelligence. Our approach is a tried and tested process to translate this insight into a profitable and sustainable sales strategy.


Enhanced commercial propositions that move up the buyer’s agenda and increase the chances of success and ROI both short and longer term.

Why Dynamic Reasoning

We’ve interviewed buyers and have insight into what they really want which helps suppliers to move the discussion away from margins and we approach the opportunity from a category perspective, identifying and evidencing the source of growth and the impact of a proposal on the category.

Examples of Retailer Insight in practice

We’ve implemented this approach with several clients and have successfully demonstrated that it leads to improved results and mutually beneficial relationships.

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