Consultative Sales Training

Smarter Consultative Sales Training

Most customer account teams have had an element of sales and negotiation training so are familiar with the fundamentals of consultative selling and many account managers have strong interpersonal skills that they have developed over time, such as:

  • Investing in building strong relationships
  • Understanding their customer’s behavioural style
  • Adapting and flexing their own style
  • Using collaborative sales techniques to consult and advise

All these skills have traditionally served them well in the past, enabling them to effectively sell in their proposals in a meeting with their customer or buyer.

However, these are mainly verbal reasoning skills that work particularly well face to face. 

Remote Selling has brought new challenges for many organisations:

Many Sales Directors are reporting that the lack of face-to-face meetings and interactions is causing delays as customers seem to take longer to make decisions.

Consultative sales training covers interpersonal and analytical skills

Customers appear to be taking longer to make decisions, and managers are spending more time coaching their team to overcome challenges. 

Remote selling has highlighted a gap in the analytical skills that customer account teams need to create robust value propositions that will resonate with customers or buyers however the sales argument or proposal is presented.

Customer account teams need the methodology and therefore the confidence to think for themselves and to ensure that their proposals are genuinely compelling.

Now more than ever it is imperative that proposals stand up to scrutiny when the Customer Account Manager is not physically present to explain the benefits or to overcome any concerns in person.

Dynamic Reasoning can help. In 2020 we updated our classroom training to offer concise and focused remote sales courses for national account teams, combining insights from behavioural and cognitive science with sales models to deliver smarter sales training: 

A smarter approach to consultative remote selling:

Language is key when it comes to selling in any proposal to ensure the opportunity is mutually beneficial.

We do not advocate rigid or formulaic processes as these can leave sales teams exposed when they need to deviate from the script.

Our commitment: We encourage sales teams to really think about and strengthen their value propositions, as well as building their confidence and the skills to sell their proposals in, however and whenever they sell. 

Understanding how to think and act provides sales teams with a competitive advantage

    Dynamic Reasoning Smarter Sales Training covers :

    Consultative sales training for key account teams by Dynamic Reasoning

    Dynamic Reasoning sales training is based on the premise that the better the thinking and planning, the easier it is to sell, and the better the sell-in, the quicker you will get a result.

    Our consultative sales training course combines behavioural and cognitive science with insightful sales models to deliver smarter sales training.

    Over the course of a week we will train your sales team in

    Effective Planning and Preparation: 

    How understanding how we all make think and how we make decisions, can help to strengthen every proposal.

    Evolving Interpersonal skills in the context of remote selling:

    How interpersonal skills that work so well face to face, can be translated into written or spoken interactions.

    Developing Stronger Propositions:

    How Analytical Thinking can help sales teams to evaluate Risk v Reward to pre-empt and therefore prevent objections.

    How behavioural science can ensure communication is concise & compelling to optimise every customer interaction.


    How our remote Consultative Sales Courses work :

    Dynamic Reasoning’s training is weighted to exercises so key account teams experience first-hand why certain skills and processes are important so that customer account managers see and experience the benefit in working this way and readily embrace new ways of working to maximise the training ROI for their organisation.

    • 3 hours of facilitated training in the morning (Zoom or Teams)
    • Interactive exercises and collaborative sessions via breakouts
    • One homework exercise set for the next day
    • Regroup and action planning at the end of the week

      Halfway through every course we've run, sales teams have already started to process the learnings and apply them to their customer interactions that same day

      Why is daily bite-size training so effective?

      • Everyone can carry on working later that day so business isn't interrupted
      • It gives the brain time to process & make sense of learnings
      • Everyone gets straight into the training, starting the day in a positive way 
      • Ideas start to become habits, which in turn become routine

      Benefit the whole account team :

      Training courses are the perfect opportunity to bring the whole team together, however many consultative selling courses only target certain roles or certain skills ..

      At Dynamic Reasoning we recognise the importance and benefits of national account teams working together as a collective.

      This is why we developed and have successfully run multi-level courses where NAMs will learn alongside Execs allowing every individual to strengthen their skills and to support each other.

      • This approach encourages ongoing collaboration within the team which ensures that the learning continues long after the sales training has finished.
      • When asked to share the best parts of our sales training courses, previous attendees showed how much they appreciate this opportunity.

      Equip your team to sell effectively, remotely:

      Dynamic Reasoning smarter consultative selling ensures Customer Account Managers are spending enough time (and that they are using this time effectively) to prepare and plan for every customer interaction to strengthen their propositions before presenting anything to their customer.

      Our training provides a framework that compliments your organisation’s existing sales process to ensure that Customer Account Managers pre-empt and therefore prevent objections, making it easier for the customer to commit to proposals however they are presented.

      Please get in touch to discuss your training needs on a confidential basis as we would love to help you strengthen your sales team's analytical skills and improve their productivity :)