Compelling Commercial Propositions

A different perspective.

Buyers want proposals that help them to achieve their objectives:

Driving incremental, profitable, category growth.


Over the last 15 years we have conducted extensive research to understand buyers' needs.

We use this insight to help our Food and Drink clients develop compelling propositions and proposals that secure new listings and drive distribution.

At Dynamic Reasoning we look at the category, the gaps and the opportunities from the buyer's point of view

And then (and only then) we map your objectives against theirs to determine how compelling your proposal really is.


YOUR PROPOSITION NEEDS TO DEMONSTRATE that your products will appeal to more of their customers, who will buy more of your product, and hopefully more often, than the products they will replace. Buyers don’t have elastic expandable shelves so you’ll always be replacing something...

Compelling commercial proposition demonstrate incremental category growth for buyers

PLUS YOUR PRODUCTS NEED TO STAND OUT as buyers want to know why your brand is different and how it will encourage their customers to try and buy your products repeatedly, driving Rate of Sale.

Dynamic Reasoning can quickly and cost effectively help you to pull together the evidence to achieve your first objective – getting the buyer to STOP and LISTEN, to seriously consider YOUR PRODUCT and evaluate how and why they might stock it on their shelves.

What makes us different?

We start with the buyer's perspective.

Answering two very important questions:

  1. Will your proposal deliver enough incremental growth to be worth their while?
  2. Do you have a clear plan to drive trial and rate of sale that will be easy to implement?

These tried and tested principles are relevant for companies or brands of any size.

As the stronger and more compelling your proposition, the more likely you are to achieve your objective.  

Coming soon:

We will be adding our free diagnostic tool to our site so you can evaluate how compelling your current proposition currently is and the areas we recommend you focus on to strengthen your proposal. 

In the meantime, if you'd like to strengthen your commercial proposition to increase your chances of success then please get in touch as we would love to help!