Training in Setting Effective Objectives

Why are some objectives better than others?

Most sales people are familiar with the concept of SMART objectives. But, our experience working with national account teams has show that

  • whilst 75% THINK about their objectives for a meeting

  • only 25% WRITE it down or spend any time making sure it really is smart.

3 out of 4 meetings go ahead with little preparation.

Just a few minutes of thinking to SET a clear and concise objective can make every meeting so much more effective. 

Effective Objective training leads to more effective meetings

Times have changed:

Meetings may not be happening face to face but the purpose remains the same. 

Dictionary definition of a Meeting: A planned occasion when people come together, either in person or online to discuss something. 

In today's remote working environment a scheduled phone conversation could also be considered a meeting...

The number of "meetings" taking place is starting to increase

The question is whether a sales team's planning time is increasing to the same degree?

Effective Objectives training content:

We will provide you with the skills to craft meaningful objectives and make the most out of every meeting.

We use a combination of examples and exercises to demonstrate theory and stretch your thinking. 

Giving you the chance to put theory into practice, reflect and develop new skills.

Over the course of one week you will learn:

What makes an objective effective, not just efficient
The benefits of goal visualisation and how easy it is
How your brain can help you work towards your objectives
How to have more lightbulb moments, more often
How to work together as a team to create smarter objectives

Sales teams that learn together develop a common language and aligned skills, raising everyone's game

How our sales skills training courses work :

2 days of training condensed into bite size sessions.

Every morning. Monday to Friday for 1 week

Thoughtful approach to training national account managers to set more effective objectives


Every day starts with a morning zoom or teams call, facilitated by our trainer

  • The training includes collaboration sessions via breakouts
  • The day's session finished with everyone back together to reflect
  • One homework exercise set to complete before the next day's session
  • Every attendee receives a thoughtful training pack to put theory into practice
  • With regroup and action planning at the end of the week

In today's remote working environment, training needs to be interactive and engaging to lift everyone's spirits !

Benefits of training condensed into bite size sessions:

  • Everyone gets straight into the training, starting the day in a positive way
  • Everyone can carry on working later that day so business isn't interrupted
  • It gives the brain time to process & make sense of learnings 
  • Ideas start to become habits, which in turn become routine

    Wondering if your team needs this training?

    Have a look at our quick survey (no downloads necessary, no emails captured)

    It's designed to give you insight into how your team operates now...

    It comes with a free discussion guide you can use with your team, whether you decide to take on the training or not.    

    Free survey for national account teams to reflect on objective setting

    Our free survey goes beyond the usual "smart" discussions and provides some valuable insights. 

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